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Electronic Load

Technical Specification
Model ZSEL
Typical Load Range 0 - 20 A (settable by multi turn potentiometer)*
Load Current Regulation +/- 0.05 % (for a change of battery voltage form No load voltage to end voltage level)
Line Regulation +/- 0.05 % (for +/- 10% change in mains supply)
Power Requirement 230 V AC +/- 10% 50Hz

3 Digit Volt. Amp meter with selector switch indicates battery voltage and current or separate Volt and Ammeter.





DC Volt
15 V
0.01 V
0.5% rdg +/- 2 digits
DC Current
20 A
0.01 A
0.5% rdg +/- 2 digits

• Electronic Loads of higher ratings can also be designed to suit customer requirement

Note : Features like Cutting off the discharge test as battery reaches to End Voltage and Timer to count total discharge time can be added on customer request.
Electronic Load