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Multi Function Calibrators / Voltage & Current Standards

Specifications :
Multi Function Calibrators, Voltage & Current Standards
230V, 1A, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature
25 +/- 30C, RH<70%
For AC/DC Voltage and Current :4 1/2 Digit LED
For Frequency : 4 Digit LED
Selection of Function
By Up Down keys and bar of LEDs.
Selection of Ranges
By Up Down keys and bar of LEDs.
Setting of V or A and Hz
By multi turn potentiometers.
Parameter Ranges Accuracy
DC Voltage 200m, 2,20,200,1000, Volt +/-(0.1% rdg +5 digit)
* DC Current 2m, 20m, 200m,2,10 Amp +/-(0.1% rdg +5 digit)
AC Voltage (45 to 1000 Hz) 200m,2,20,200,900 Volt +/-(0.15% rdg +5 digit)
* AC Current (45 to 1000 Hz) 2m, 20m, 200m, 2,10 Amp +/-(0.15% rdg +5 digit)
Extended Current Range for Clamp On Meter :
( AC or DC ) Using x 100 Current Coil
Bandwidth: DC- 50Hz

1000A for DC
800 Amp for AC @ 50Hz

+/-(0.2% rdg +10 digit)
Features :
• Stability suitable to calibrate DMM, DPM, Clamp Meters and Analog Meters
• Pure Sine wave for  AC Voltage and AC Current with variable frequency
• Short Circuit and Overload Protection
• Safe for User and unit under calibration
Dimensions: (W 550 x H 170 x D 550)mm,
Weight: 35 kg  without packing