DC Regulated Power Supply

Our DC regulated power supplies are widely used in various industries and Educational Institutes. The output voltage produced by DC power supply ranges from 0 to 1000 V and output current ranges from 0 to 100 Amp. Power supply are provided with Digital Panel Meters for voltage and current. They are provided overload and short circuit protections.

DC Regulated Power Supply ( 30V / 5A )
Technical Specification (Only for Reference)
Output Voltage Range 0 to 30 V
Output Current 0 to 5 amp.
Load Regulation +/- 0.05 % ( From No Load to Full Load)
Line Regulation +/- 0.05 %
Ripple +/- 0.05 % rms
Digital Meter ( Separate Meter For DC Voltage & current)
Accuracy For Voltage : 0.5% +/- 2 dgt
  For Current : 0.5% +/- 2 dgt
Protection Overload & Short circuit
Operating Temperature 0 to 50o C
Input Power Requirement 230 V or 110 V +/- 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz
Typical ranges are available
Rating Model Series
24V/1A ZMPS24-1
24V/2A ZMPS24-2
24V/5A ZMPS24-5
24V/10A ZMPS24-10
24V/20A ZMPS24-20
30V/1A ZMPS30-1
30V/2A ZMPS30-2
30V/5A ZMPS30-5
30V/10A ZMPS30-10
30V/20A ZMPS30-20
60V/2A ZMPS60-2
60V/10A ZMPS60-10
60V/20A ZMPS60-20
Rating Model Series
30V/30A ZMPS30-30
30V/50A ZMPS30-50
30V/100A ZMPS30-100
60V/40A ZMPS60-40
100V/2A ZMPS100-2
100V/10A ZMPS100-10
100V/25A ZMPS100-25
150V/2A ZMPS150-2
150V/10A ZMPS150-10
200V/10A ZMPS200-10
200V/100A ZMPS200-100
1000V/5A ZMPS1000-5
10V/1000A ZMPS10-1000

Note : High Voltage & Haigh Current Range Can Be Customized As Per Requirements.

Note : We Can Upgrade Products With Time To Give Improved Quality